Weight Loss Injection here I come – finally, there is hope!


I can't sleep!

Weight Loss Injections here I come. I am so excited I can't contain myself. Its nearly midnight and I am completely feeling wired and wide awake. Being awake at this time now is very unusual for me. I am now quietly floating with utter joy (this also unusual for me at the moment). I make a rule of getting into bed by 10:30 pm each evening. I don't only know the importance of sleep. But also I fully understand the importance of "good quality sleep". Especially when it comes to its relationship with weight gain.

the importance of sleep

I definitely am one of those people when I am exhausted and tired I eat. I eat anything in sight as if trying to feed my body to stay awake and comfort my weary overstretched brain. This is part of the reason I actually put the weight on in the first place. I was running my own business a few years ago which at the time wasn't going too well (pressure, stress - no good either for weight gain). I was working all the hours (which is n't the same as "I was working efficiently".) It would get to 1 or 2 am and I'd realise I hadn't eaten most the day and I'd be starving. Then it was basically anything goes. A full-on raid of the "secret snack stash" and me in the fridge searching for cheese.

I'd convince/ trick myself into thinking that once the business was "O.K" I'd start looking after myself and would eat better and exercise more.

This made my tiredness a little better short term so I could go on working. That was the intention. Often I'd crash soon after my binge either at my desk or on the sofa (whilst taking a short break). I'd wake up groggy from broken sleep before dragging myself to my bed and often left with a very sore neck.

Bonkers really as that was the time I should have been looking after myself and just maybe I would have made more level-headed rational decisions. Instead, I just grew - round like a ball.

my bedroom a sanctuary

This is why now you won't see a television screen, iPad or phone in my bedroom and me tucked up in my White company bedding by ten-thirty pm. I've managed to get the bit right about making my bedroom a sanctuary in order to help with the weight loss process. Instead of electrics, besides my bed sits lavender hand cream and a copy of project calm. I still am to see any proof if this change in getting lots of good quality sleep helping with weight loss. But it does sound a sensible option as lots of scientific research tells us we need plenty of sleep. And the plus side is I am not putting more weight on at the moment.

But tonight I just can't sleep! I am tossing and turning and sneering at my partner while he blissfully sleeps unaware. "I'll show you, a skinny jab here I come!" as I dream in my head of being once again an attractive and dynamic size eight. There was a time where I could outrun him. I have just read about this new medication - It comes as a weight loss injection.I've decided this is the answer. I'm looking forward, dreaming of that time again. Soon!

the cause of such unrest

This total unrest and the shining light of hope in my demeanour has been caused by the Scottish Sunday Mail you can read more here. I'll wholeheartedly admit now - I am one of those. Like many who outrightly refuse to buy the Daily/ Sunday Mail in any shape or form. Not to forget the huffing and gruffing at anyone who spends hard earned cash on it that goes with it (no I am not a Guardian reader before you label me). But then at the same time, I am quick to "hurriedly scan through a copy" - of someone else's, whilst still huffing and gruffing through the process 9yes a hypocrite I agree).

The fact that a "Scottish" hard copy of the Sunday Mail was left sitting in my kitchen today made it as hard to resist as devouring a Battenberg slice (or two). I thought I'd have a quick "scan" before I put it out for recycling. That's when it happened. I couldn't believe what I  read. The words are now happily swimming in my head. I can't sleep for I keep going over and over the words in the newspaper article. The words "Weight Loss Injection" keep going round and round in my head.

the claims

A weight loss injection that will stop your cravings. A weight loss injection that will reduce your appetite. A weight loss injection that will make you lose weight. A weight loss injection that works! All in a tiny injection. And it works!. It bloody works!!!!

I've even saved the newspaper! I google the company who are offering this magic weight loss injection during the day. I find their number, they are called "Skinny Jab". I and umpteen overweight U.K hopefuls must have been trying to get through whilst cooking the Sunday dinner. I must have hit that redial number nearly a hundred times today.  Each time there was an engaged tone.

the wait is crippling

My teenage daughter calls my good mood "creepy". "He" being the voice of reason eventually suggests I   "ring tomorrow".  He tells me "It's Sunday darling" in his smug "here we go again tone".  I don't bother to reply. Yes, of course, I know its Sunday but the thought of a genuine weight loss solution, approved by the FDA and CE marked sends me into a manic excited frenzy. The chance of a magic wand, well a magic injection to make me slim!

I'm now worn out by all this hope - I'll just have to wait until the morning I think. Before that is I drift off into a psychedelic size eight dream.

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