The Slimming Injection Everyone Wants. Phones Engaged

hitting that redial button ... again and again and again!

The last few days since that article about this new slimming injection known as "SkinnyJab" has meant I have become a bit (O.K quite a bit) compulsive about getting an appointment with the SkinnyJab people. The website I have to confess does not look so professional - and as a web developer myself in a previous life, I am always wary of businesses that don't have such a great web presence.

After all a website - is an online store, where potential customers look and browse. It should be a reflection on your company, its values and ethos and reputation. If I went into a slimming injection clinic and the chairs were broken or I was given a brochure with lots of typos and misprints, I am sure I would not be so impressed. Having said that the need to "lose weight" is so great in me I keep trying to contact them to make an appointment for the weight loss injection pen. Due to the sheer desperation to lose weight this my rational thinking is erased.

talking myself out of it.

It's Friday now. Its been a full 5 days since I've been ringing SkinnyJab to no avail. always an engaged tone. It does say from 8.00am - 8.00pm Monday to Sunday on their website. My other half gently reminds me the newspaper article has most likely got their phone lines hopping like sprightly spring bunnies. This doesn't deter me. I spend most of the week in a dream-like zombie state. Just when you would think I have forgotten about this amazing new weight loss slimming injection,  there I go again hitting that redial button yet again. Getting through to the Skinnyjab people has now become a compulsion.

I watch their Facebook post. I feel like I am stalking them. They will be having a Skinny Jab clinic this Sunday in Sheffield. I am determined that I am going to get an appointment. With my enthusiasm revived I keep hitting that re-dial button into early evening.

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