Day One of my Skinny Shot aka SkinnyJab life. I am so excited

injection pen instead of toast

I decided to take the Skinny Shot called Saxenda©️  AKA SkinnyJab at 10 a.m in the morning. This time works for me as I tend not to eat breakfast until 12 p.m. I suppose brunch really if want to be pedantic. I have been intermittent fasting for the past three weeks and it has just become really easy for me. It has become really normal for me to fast for sixteen to nineteen hours a day. Around nineteen hours of fasting, I get really "hangry".

But I still haven't been losing weight! In fact, I had convinced myself it was my thyroid. Got tested - those levels were normal. I was really hoping it was my thyroid - then at least I would have an excuse! But no - so the weight loss battle goes on!

making the plunge

I am really surprised - I don't even feel the needle of the skinny shot prescription injection. I check that there are no air bubbles in the pen. I chose to inject it into my stomach. it's actually really really painless. I dispose of the needle safely and the job is done for the day. I must admit I was quite anxious about injecting myself with Saxenda®.  I'm one of those who can't even do a home finger prick blood test because I feel so squeamish. So this was a real surprise! I didn't feel a thing injecting the SkinnyJab injection.

Right all done now the wait for the weight to drop off.

any side effects?

During the day I do notice I feel more thirsty. I enjoy drinking water anyway so I get through two litres of water in the afternoon whilst sat at my desk. I add some slices of lemon and orange and fresh mint in my water jug. To be honest I can't really taste it - but it does give me that healthy feel. Plus it smells nice and looks pretty.

I don't feel any nausea or obvious side effects from my weight loss injection pen I yawn a little more in the afternoon - but that may have something to do with sitting at my screen for the past five hours. I do feel a strange sensation of "calm" and "focus"  as I work and I think I might feel a little sleepy but I am not sure.

lunchtime snack

For lunch, I have a satsuma and two slices of Ryvita with about 20grams of cheese. I weight it out just so I know for certain A cup of tea with skimmed goats milk. I've also switched from using cows milk as I have recently been reading quite a bit about the health of your gut and weight gain. This is something I think I need to work on - my gut.

evening meal

The family are having homemade pizza and pasta tonight. I don't actually think of "homemade pizza" nor "homemade pasta" as junk food so I join in. My homemade pizza has the thinnest of a crisp base and I add asparagus, spinach and an egg to my pizza. Sprinkled with parmesan flakes - it tastes delicious. I have a mixed salad (homemade also) with no dressing.

I don't stop eating

I do start feeling quite full - my stomach is aching. But I don't stop eating. In fact, I don't even notice the ache at the time. I don't want to waste this delicious pizza. I have gone to a lot of effort to make it. Also, since gone through tough financial times a few years ago - I really don't like to waste food, I feel guilty.  These days I am a lot more appreciative of what I do have. Plus the pizza does taste so good I just want to devour it.

9.00pm tv time

"He" and I have date night every evening in front of the television from 9.00pm until 10.00pm. I don't watch much television apart from this one hour. We have got into a bad habit every night of a platter of cheese and grapes with some Lindt dark chocolate. Not just one square but a half bar each. What started as an occasional treat has slowly crept into becoming a nightly habit.

I make a mental note of this for future reference - tonight I'll just enjoy it.

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