Day Ten on the SkinnyJab

Upping the dosage.

Took a 1.6 jab this morning. After a disastrous first week, I decided I need to up my game. My only worry is that at this rate my weight loss injection pen is not going to last so long. Off to Wales so worried about being tempted by Pret at the services. Drink 2 litres of water by 3.30pm. So I don’t feel nauseous I opt to drive. This nausea is a real problem when I am a passenger. It's not only the feeling of sickness but my head seems to "sway" that I can't seem to keep it up when on the SkinnyJab. I have written a full scientific explanation why the SkinnyJab can cause nausea and other side effects. You can read about them here

It’s 5.30pm now Haven’t eaten all day so stop off for something to eat in Llandudno - The Cottage Loaf, do amazing food but not very low calorie.That’s a 21 hour fast today. Loving the intermittent fasting. I was never too fussed about breakfast ..... so so glad opinions have changed about intermittent fasting.

Opted for the grilled hake in tomato & white bean sauce with courgette spaghetti. It really was delicious. Strangely I’m not drooling over the twice fried chips (although I do kidnap 6) from the usual suspects plate. I stick to sparkling water.

Amazing ..... with drinking so much sparkling water I am even starting to taste the difference in various brands. But they do advise on the SkinnyJab to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

SkinnyJab controls my hunger pangs!

It’s 10.00pm and I’m starting to feel as if I “need something” - I resist and opt to go to bed after another glass of sparkling water. The pain of hunger is no way as bad as what it would be without my SkinnyJab weight loss medication. In fact normally at this time, I have no resistance what so ever and give in to having a snack or two.