Saxenda – All you Need to Know

Exercise on Slim Jab Weight Loss Medication? Side Effects?

Slim Jab Weight Loss Medication For Losing Weight  Everything you need to know. Episode 4 From my own experience, the  Slim Jab Weight Loss Medication must be used other important “components”. If you have been trying to lose weight, you might have heard about “mindful eating”, “being more mindful”, “fork put-downs” and “table push away.”…

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Saxenda Improves Insulin Sensitivity | The Weight Loss Link

Hello, there it’s Yasmin the founder of Skinni Jab and the Kickstarter Plan. I believe it is essential for my clients to know as much possible about the medication they may be prescribed. I have gone into great depth explaining the use of Saxenda for Losing Weight. Having had a career in pharmaceutical research and…

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Starvation Mode Myth or True? Weight Loss Injections – Link?

Starvation Mode when you use Saxenda®. Myth or Truth. Sometimes it’s hard to know who or what to believe as there is often much conflicting advice! This leaves us confused and conflicted about which way to turn to in order to a healthier lifestyle. Episode 2 – All You Need to Know about Saxenda® I…

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Liraglutide A Miracle Cure For Obesity, Weight Loss? Slim Jab

Saxenda® (Liraglutide) Weight Loss Injection – Cure for Obesity? Everything You Need to Know. Episode 1 The weight loss injection medication Saxenda® (brand name, drug name is Liraglutide) was approved in the U.K in 2017. After my (It’s Yasmin founder of Skinni Jab and the Kickstarter Plan) own experience with it ( failed at achieving my weight loss goals…

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Skinny Jab Cost. Reality – More Than 1 Pen Needed A Month

weight loss medication slimming jab

figure 1 Skinny Jab Cost above If you were to use the SkinnyJab (Saxenda® ) weight loss pen medication (AKA SkinnyJab, Slim Jab, Slender Jab) as advised by the manufacturer. Skinny Jab Cost – The Reality As I do some research into Saxenda®  dosage (The Brand name for coined names AKA Skinny Jab, Slender Jab, Slim Jab, Skinny Shot)…

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