Is the Gastric sleeve the answer? An alternative?

alternative to Gastric Sleeve?

An alternative to Gastric Sleeve or Bariatric Surgery?

For months now I have been making enquires about the Gastric sleeve and Bariatric surgery.

This letter from my doctor was a reality check for me. Being overweight can cause long-term health conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. They were sending me for a CT scan to check if I needed to go on statins. I wonder if these new Weight Loss Injections could be a viable alternative to Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

have I really?

The honest answer is yes. But have I tried hard enough? The honest answer is as good as my capabilities. I had always been a size six/ eight  ….. with a struggle. Always exercising. Always trying to eat healthily. At times (ok mostly) starving myself. Always trying the latest diet fad. I can't bear the smell of Apple cider vinegar anymore - I've used it for years and still don't know if it helps with weight loss or is a complete myth!.

I've even had liposuction at one point for it to all return much worse on my back. But these old methods of drinking coffee all day (I actually can't stand the stuff) and spending my life being miserable because I am "hangry" don't seem to work anymore.

I guess in my younger days, yes I was slim but it was achieved by not really healthy mean's. I didn't learn "good habits". My mindset was "all or nothing". I hate to admit it - but staying slim with that attitude has all caught up with me now. Those weight loss habits were never going to be sustainable.

the reality of my twenties

But I also realise I must have suffered some sort of body dysphoria in my 20’s and 30’s as I was never fully satisfied. I was always trying to get down to the next smaller size. I know I was bulimic in my early twenties when I was going through a really stressful time.  Over the last five years struggling with my weight loss I can’t really believe that at a size 6 I used to think I was still fat. I must have been totally nut’s in a way.

surgery - a real option.

Right now I am considering a gastric balloon or Gastric Sleeve Surgery and have made an appointment for the middle of September. But it’s the thought of me having to swallow this large pill that is making me gag. Then they pump up the balloon in your stomach, yuk! I choke on cucumber sandwiches. Just the thought of the gastric balloon makes my eyes water.

I am not sure if I can cope with this. It sounds very invasive to me and I am not sure I could go through with it - even to lose 3 stones. Even then the weight loss is not guaranteed. It's available privately not on the NHS. The more I research about Obalon and the Elipse™ Balloon  I kinda talk myself out of it. It would cost around £4000 and I just imagine all the new clothes I could buy for that amount of money - if I could just lose the weight.

the reality of now

But now aged forty-five I just feel worn out. Part of the problem is just living! A failed business, a failed relationship, a close suicide, ongoing family relationship struggles, an injury which I can’t seem to get over. And now these immense sugar cravings. I seem to be having really strong urges craving sugar and carbs. They seem to be intensified a week before my period. It’s the same every month.

I really try to be motivational - I tell my self every weight loss failure to one closer to success. But its really hard to stay motivated when you are in that dark depressing place.

Even though I go to the gym – the more exercise I do, the more hungry I become and the more I want to eat. So even the weight loss that does happen is minimal. I feel like I go round and round in circles. Oh, I am so fed up with this weight loss struggle.

not just the scales

It's not just the scales I worry about. I've been getting chest pains recently, last week I had an appointment at the hospital for blood tests. I even ended up having a CT Scan to check if I had the start of heart disease. This was quite scary and brought a reality to the situation and my health. I know a few years ago my cholesterol was quite high. So now I am just anxiously waiting for the results. Being overweight increases the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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